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We offer wood packaging solutions either for export or storage of your product

Our Products

We have an extensive catalog of pallets and wood packaging.

We design models adapted to the size and weight of your product, made from high quality wood, ensuring you peace of mind and product protection.


Specialized Packaging


We produce the right pallet for

the requirements of your product

Standard pallet models:

Standard pallet models:

Stringer pallet.

Two way entry one face Pallet

Four way entry Pallet

Block pallet.

Four way entry opened frame pallet

Four way entry closed frame pallet.

We are oficially certified to ensure the export your product

NOM-144-SEMARNAT-2015 (NIMF No. 15)

We are a company authorized by SEMARNAT for heat treatment HT, as a phytosanitary measure for wood packaging used in international trade.


In process

In process